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Robert Torres was raised in a union household, and has dedicated his life to public service.
As a former union warehouse worker and a working father of two, Robert understands that families in our community are struggling to get by, as inflation and the cost of housing go up, while wages stay the same.
On the City Council, Robert has fought to create good-paying jobs and raise wages for hard-working Californians. He took on the County government and uncovered waste and mismanagement — then forced them to reform how they spend our tax dollars. And Robert has brought local police, firefighters, and mental health professionals together to address homelessness.
In the State Assembly, Robert will work closely with residents, community-based organizations and small businesses to understand our priorities and be an effective voice for us in Sacramento. He’ll focus on what matters: creating good-paying jobs, lowering the cost of housing, and keeping our communities safe.
Robert lives in the City of Pomona with his family, Marisol Guerra and their two sons, eight-year-old Julien and one-year-old Anthony.
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