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Streets Improvments

In 2016, Robert Torres worked to complete the N. Garey Ave repaving project. He also repaved neighborhood streets near Arrow Hwy, Fulton Rd, La Verne Ave and Ganesha Hills.  Recently, he secured $2,000,000 to repave Towne Ave from Foothill Blvd to Arrow Hwy. Robert Torres has also worked to install traffic calming measures such as radar speed limit detectors and crossing guard services at local elementary schools. 


Robert Torres completed the N. Garey Ave Repaving Project 


Robert Torres secured $2,000,000 to repave N. Towne Ave 


Robert Torres installed a radar speed limit detector on McKinley Ave


Robert Torres repaved N. Canyon Way 


Robert Torres invested in repaving E. La Verne Ave 


Robert Torres repaved parts of Hillcrest Dr

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